English Harbour - Antigua

Moody 376 - Strummer - anchored in English Harbour, Antigua.

A great place to arrive after crossing the Atlantic.

The Rasta Shack - Antigua

One of Nige's favourite bars.

The Mad Mongoose - Antigua

Another favourite bar. Very lively - especially on Friday nights.

Ocean Inn - Antigua

A somewhat posher venue for afternoon refreshments.

Ordnance Bay - Antigua

Moody 376 - Strummer - anchored in Ordnance Bay, Antigua.

Strummer in the foreground.


Al on a deserted beach.


Another deserted beach - apart from Nige!

Basseterre - St. Kitts

Moody 376 - Strummer - anchored in St. Kitts.

Cruise ships in port - Strummer looking very small in the foreground.

Aboard Strummer

Al sewing courtesy flags - anything to save a bit of cash!

Gustavia - St Barths

Need to save up some cash if you want to stay here. We are not in this picture - anchored around the corner where it's free!

Baie de St Jean on St. Barths

Al in beach bar - afternoon drinking again!

St. Barths

Parking French style - not sure what Al is doing. Maybe she is looking for the survivors!

Philipsburg - St. Maarten

Four or five cruise ships arrive every day - no wonder it is busy here.

St. Maarten

Moody 376 - Strummer - entering the lagoon in St. Maarten.

Entering the lagoon.

Marina Cay - B.V.I's

Moody 376 - Strummer - anchored in Marina Cay, B.V.I's.

One of our favourite places - in this shot you cannot see all the other boats on mooring balls which are just around to the left.

Norman Island - B.V.I's

This one is especially for our mate Mark Bowes to see if he can remember the night he drank a jug of Painkiller on this beach!

Peter Island - B.V.I's

Moody 376 - Strummer - anchored at Peter Island, BVI's.

A surprisingly quiet anchorage - we are the small boat in the middle of the picture.

Isles Des Saintes

No cars, but loads of scooters.

Isles Des Saintes

Mairie - Isles des Saintes

Just like a small town in France - except for the corrugated iron roof.

Isles Des Saintes

Yet another lovely bay.

Isles Des Saintes

Not sure why Al is hanging around outside the Police station.

Portsmouth - Dominica

Abandoned ships.

Portsmouth - Dominica

Another abandoned ship.

Roseau - Dominica

Al hanging around waiting for O'Byrnes to open.

Roseau - Dominica

Jessica, Richard, Al and Nadezca enjoying light refreshments in O'Byrnes.


Local guys sailing a traditional wooden Yole.

Bridgetown - Barbados

Al standing by a park bench with St Michaels Cathedral in the background.

Bridgetown - Barbados

St Michaels Cathedral in Bridgetown, Barbados. Looks just like an English town.

Bridgetown - Barbados

Independence Arch.

Hillsborough Bay - Carriacou

A few seagulls hanging around on an old fishing boat.

Tyrrel Bay - Carriacou

Floating bar. Looks a little unsafe.  Part of the deck is falling off and the barman put his foot through the floor!

Union Island

We saw this guy just wandering around - anyone for bacon sandwiches?

Big Sand - Union Island

Relaxing with light refreshments after walking across the Island.

St Georges - Grenada

Most of the buildings in Grenada have been repaired following the recent hurricanes - except for the churches.


Some very posh shops

Basil's Bar - Mustique

The WiFi was free in Basils Bar, but the light refreshments were very expensive!


Al posing outside Doris' Supermarket.

St. Lucia

The two Pitons - one of the most spectacular spots in St. Lucia. (Photo by Ash) .

St. Lucia

Moody 376 - Strummer - sailing in St. Lucia.

Sailing downwind from Rodney Bay to Marigot Bay with visitors from Nottingham - Ashley and Melissa.

St. Lucia

Moody 376 - Strummer - sailing in St. Lucia.

It was not this calm on the way back - beating into 25 knot headwinds!

St. Lucia

Moody 376 - Strummer - sailing in St. Lucia.

Captain Ash at the wheel.

St. Lucia

All kitted up and waiting to go up by cable car into the jungle.

St. Lucia

Getting ready for "Zipping".

St. Lucia

Al "Zipping" through the jungle.

St. Lucia

Nige "Zipping" through the jungle 130 ft above the ground!

St. Lucia

Al with Ashley and Melissa. We stopped in a small village where every other building seemed to be a bar!

Rodney Bay - St. Lucia

The fruit and veg. man.

Chaguaramas - Trinidad

Moody 376 - Strummer - in travel lift at Power Boats yard, Trinidad.

Caribbean sailing all over for now - hauled out ashore in Trinidad to do some maintenance and a trip back to the UK.

Chaguaramas - Trinidad

A very small bird came to visit us.

Asa Wright Centre - Trinidad

A colourful bird. (Photo by Michelle Perrett - sounds like Parrot! - Yacht Alhambra).

Asa Wright Centre - Trinidad

Another colourful bird. (Photo by Michelle Perrett - Yacht Alhambra).

Asa Wright Centre - Trinidad

Another colourful bird. (Photo by Michelle Perrett - Yacht Alhambra).

Asa Wright Centre - Trinidad

A hummimg bird at the Asa Wright centre, Trinidad. (Photo by Michelle Perrett - Yacht Alhambra).

Asa Wright Centre - Trinidad

Nige eating live Termites in the jungle in Trinidad. They taste a bit like carrots!

Asa Wright Centre - Trinidad

This is where Nige's live jungle snack came from.

Chaguaramas - Trinidad

Moody 376 - Strummer - at fuel dock in Trinidad.

Filling up with water at the fuel dock. Power Boats boatyard and Sails Bar/Restaurant are in the background.

Los Testigos - Venezuela

Here is Al struggling up a sand dune. If you look closely you will see our dinghy in the background.

Porlamar - Isla Margarita, Venezuela

View from Strummer in Isla Margarita, Venezuela. It is more like southern Spain than the other Caribbean islands we have visited.

Porlamar - Venezuela

Moody 376 - Strummer - anchored in Porlamar, Venezuela.

New dinghy sling we can now lift the dinghy at night to keep it safe from the local thieving banditos!

Herradura - Venezuela

A lovely anchorage on the way to Bonaire.

Los Roques - Venezuela

Another perfect anchorage.

Bonaire - Netherlands Antilles

Relaxing with some rather expensive beers in Karel's Bar. Here they cost about 1.10 - in Venezuela the same beer is only 10p!

Bonaire - Netherlands Antilles

Old slave huts - they look like large dog kennels. Don't think anyone lives there now.

Willemstadt, Curacao

View from the floating bridge. Looks just like Amsterdam but much warmer considering that this is December.

Cartagena - Columbia

Christmas decorations Columbian style.

Cartagena - Columbia

Enjoying a few glasses of vino at the Christmas party at Club Nautico.

Cartagena - Columbia

Al posing in front of the Christmas tree - snow looks unlikely.