Thailand to The Maldives

Sailing to the Maldives.

Sailing on a broad reach. The new sunshade only lasted two days before the wind destroyed it!

Uligamo, Maldives

Welcome to Uligamo.

Welcome to Uligan (as the locals call it). A small coral island with very friendly people.

Uligamo, Maldives

Anchored in Uligamo.

Our personal sand patch amongst the coral.

Uligamo, Maldives

Landing on the beach.

Landing on the beach on the way to the barbeque.

Uligamo, Maldives

Barbeque preparations.

Preparations for the beach barbeque.

Uligamo, Maldives

Beach Barbeque.

The beach barbeque in full swing. No alcohol though as The Maldives is a Muslim country.

Uligamo, Maldives

Gas Refill.

Refilling the gas bottles - strictly a "No Smoking" zone!

Uligamo, Maldives

Boat trip.

Al on the boat trip with Leslie (Tapestry) and Brian (Songster).

Uligamo, Maldives

Local boats.

Local boats at anchor.

Uligamo, Maldives

Piracy meeting.

Meeting to discuss the piracy situation. "Should I stay or should I go?" 

Uligamo, Maldives

Main street Uligamo.

Main street Uligamo on a busy day!

Uligamo, Maldives

Sailors Choice supermarket.

The Sailors Choice supermarket - everything a yachty could wish for (sometimes).

Galle, Sri Lanka

Galle lighthouse.

Al at Galle fort with the lighthouse in the background.

Sri Lanka

Banana stall.

Ramsi (our driver in the stripy shirt) buying bananas from a roadside stall.

Sri Lanka

Water buffalo curd stall.

Stall selling water buffalo curd. You eat it with honey - very tasty.

Ella, Sri Lanka

Ella hotel balcony.

The view from our balcony at The Sky Green Resort in Ella.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka train.

The train from Ella to Columbo. We went as far as Nuwarra Eliya.

Sri Lanka

Ice cream tuktuk.

An ice cream tuktuk we spotted on the mountain road.

Kandy, Sri Lanka

Kandy hotel sign.

The sign on our balcony door at the Thilanka hotel.

Sri Lanka

Tea at Mackwoods.

Tea and chocolate cake at the Mackwood tea factory.

Dambulla, Sri Lanka

Golden Temple.

The modern Buddhist temple at the bottom of the hill.

Dambulla, Sri Lanka

Rock temple.

At the top of the hill, the Rock Temple built in five caves.

Pinawalla, Sri Lanka


Elephants from the orphanage on their way to bathe in the river.

Sri Lanka

Cashew nut seller.

Girl selling cashew nuts at the side of the road. 200 rupees a bag - probably somewhat less if you are a local!

Sri Lanka to Phuket

Sailing from Sri Lanka to Phuket.

Sailing in the rain.

Phuket, Thailand

Relaxing on Bangla Road.

Relaxing in a bar on Bangla Road with Dave and Emma (Five Flip Flops).

Bangkok, Thailand

Al cleaning our apartment in the Trendy Condominium

Al cleaning our apartment in the "Trendy Condominium".

Bangkok, Thailand

View from our apartment.

View from our apartment looking out over Sukhumvit.